the fight continues

the fight continues


 Captain Kai Kacela
Real name: Kai Kacela
Rank: Captain
Home world: Citala(originally earth)
History: Kai Kacela was born on Earth and migrated with her parents to Citala at the invite of the Citala government. Growing there she gained the ability to manipulate gravity like the majority of the female inhabitants of the Citala system. Her father also gained the natural light manipulation abilities of the male occupants of the Citala system. Her father then joined the Universal Rangers and died off world. Kacela has joined the Universal Rangers under the planet Citala despite her mothers disapproval.  Captain Kacela is a level 3 gravity manipulator. and is proficient in 2 Citalaen combat styles.

Harriet Johnson
Real name: Harriet Johnson
Rank: Commander (unofficial)
Homeworld: Earth
History: Harriet Johnson is a highschool student at Philadelphias Business magnet school. She and another friend were present when Captain Kacela crash landed on earth near their school. Harriet is a writer and has lived in Philadelphia PA all of her life. She lived with her father for 5 years after her birth. Her father fell on hard times and her mother got a job and custody of Harriet. Harriet has no powers. She has a starter set of Gravity Bands meant to evoke gravity manipulation powers.

Admiral Jengo Teni
Real name: Jengo Teni
Age: 57
Rank: Admiral
Homeworld: Citala
History: Admiral Jengo Teni has been in service since age 18. Her family were survivors of the last intergalactic war. Jengo started her service just before it's end after being raised by an adopted family for 4 years prior. She is very determined to avoid all out wars and protect Citala.

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